About Us

So you're interested in how we got started, huh?  We're like you.  We're entrepreneurs.  We're "hustlers".  We understand what it's like to grind.  We understand what it's like to give every day everything you got in hopes of building a better life.

That's why we're here.  We rely on coffee to keep us going, day in and day out.  We've spent many long days, and many all nighters, fueled by this stuff.  So we decided to make our own.

Nobody was making coffee for us.  Nobody was making coffee with the understanding of how influencial it can be when starting and running a business.  That's where Hustle Bean Coffee comes in.  High-quality coffee made to fuel each and every one of your entrepreneurial ventures.

Colin Meagley and Thomas Cassale met while in college.  Both of them shared a passion for entrepreneurship, and both shared a passion for coffee.  Colin found out he had a connection in the coffee roasting industry, and the rest was history.

Colin & Thomas are always down to chat and explore new business ideas.  Feel free to send them a dm on Instagram! @hustlebeancoffee