Why Is Whole Bean Better? | Coffee for Entrepreneurs

We're trying to provide entrepreneurs and hustlers with the best coffee possible. Because of that, we only sell whole bean coffee. Long story short, whole beans preserve the delicate flavors better. Let's take a look into that.

We'll start off with an example:

Have you ever walked into a coffee shop and saw a big container of coffee going into a machine? Do you remember if it was ground or whole bean? 9 times out of 10 it was whole bean. I can't even speak for the other 1 out of 10- maybe they go through that much in 20 minutes so they can pre-grind it. But other than that, it's a bad idea to have ground coffee before you know you're going to use it within a timely manner. 

Coffee doesn't really go bad if it's stored correctly, but it will go stale. As coffee goes stale, it loses some of its notes day by day as it degrades. Whole bean coffee will reach its peak freshness about 3 weeks past the roast date.  After this, notes may diminish as freshness declines, but you'll still get a good cup- better than supermarket coffee.

For ground coffee, the stuff gets stale pretty much immediately(As quick as 20-30 minutes after its been ground!) It gets bland, loses the depth of the notes, and overall just isn't the best cup of coffee. The increased surface area of pre-ground coffee leads to an exponential decrease in freshness.

Often times, big coffee companies are tricking their customers into buying and drinking stale coffee.  They'll load their coffee up with artificial flavoring to mask the diminished state of the natural coffee notes. 

Here at Hustle Bean Coffee, we're doing the exact opposite. We work in small batches to keep up with demand, while still providing the freshest and most natural coffee possible.